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Fairfield Church

Silent and grave, it stands alone,
Beneath the celestial skies of spring.
This ancient church of wood and stone
In its lonely isolation
Seems forgotten and abandoned
By a happy congregation.
All it has for company
Are the grazing sheep,
And the birds in search of the sea.

Inside the church,
Is attractive, untouched order.
A perfect Georgian interior.
But its soul has now a coldness,
And an all-pervasive sadness.

It shouldn't be left so totally alone,
This beautiful church of wood and stone.
Full of people, it should be,
Singing in joyful harmony.
But all it has for company
Are the grazing sheep,
And the birds circling in from the sea.

Fairfield Church

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(Fairfield Church, though it may appear abandoned, is in fact looked after by The Romney Marsh Historic Churches Trust.)

© Helen Lyon 1999
All Rights Reserved